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Important things about the rechargeable BATTERY/CHARGER

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Update time : 2019-05-20 15:07:00
Important things about the BATTERY/CHARGER:

Buy genuine products.
Charge the batteries with original charger set.
Compatible correct voltage power.
Take off the plastic film before the charge.
Make sure battery correct positive/negative pole connected.
Before using the first time, charge the battery 8-12 hours, better no more than 24 hours.
Normally 8 hours is enough, charging time 6-8 hours, lighting 3-4 hours.
* Time differs in different models.
Connect the battery and charger firstly, then connect to the electricity.
Cut the electricity ASAP while noticing fully charged.
Red light: being charged. Green light: fully charged.
A good habit of safety and security.
Notice light becomes dimmer, the power needs to be recharged.
Please do not let the power run out of, or the battery cannot be long life used.

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