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honey melon e-juice 100ML e-liquid
  • honey melon e-juice 100ML e-liquid

honey melon e-juice 100ML e-liquid


PG:VG : 30% : 70%        Nicotine content : 0MG  3MG  6MG
If you are tired of the honey melon flavor e-juice with only Astringency melon taste, try our e-juice. In addition to the freshness of honey melon, the sweetness of cantaloupe
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Vapepax E-Liquid

Vapepax is an branded series special developed for Western countries; complex blended, huge vape.


60ml honey melon e-juice

100ML honey melon e-juice


"Natural, green and safe" is the permanent basic requirement of our products. Our products are acclaimed by purchasing agents and customers worldwide. Contact us today to begin sourcing.

The brand owner directly wholesales, removes the middleman difference and gives you an edge in market competition.



E-Liquid Flavors

Domestic flavors, Foreign flavors,Fruit、

Raw materials

USE  ED  propylene glycol(PG)
Vegetable glycerin Production of Malaysia(VG)
PG and VG mix by demand


Nicotine juice strength

Strength of nicotine juice means how many mg nicotine in 1ml nicotine juice.
Normal nicotine strength are 0mg,3mg,6mg,12mg,18mg,24mg.


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