Brand Profile

BORUIT is a premium lighting brand for outdoor sports

‘B’ means never stop. ‘R’ R&D means Innovation. ‘T’ is Simple and unique. The combination of the three is the ultimate ideal for realizing self-worth. We believe in the love of outdoor sports and love nature. We hope to bring innovative inspiration and excellent experience to people who love life through product design.


To become a premium outdoor sports lighting brand that the public prefers


To make first-class quality products,  more humanized design for the public.


never stop, unique innovation, passion and sincerity.

Brand Concept

The core of BORUIT’s design is to explore the best conditions of outdoor lighting. Always making the right choice, not only paying attention to quality, but also giving the product a human touch.

Deep insight into user needs, rational and environmental-friendly materials selection, extremely strict quality and the functions that can be used for lighting are the product values we always adhere to.

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